Dr Sam Jegarajah

Dr Sam Jegarajah was born in Kokuvil and first went to the local school.  For his secondary school he went to the Royal College in Colombo.  From there he gained admission to the University of Sri Lanka Colombo Medical Faculty.

Having worked as a Doctor in Sri Lanka for 5 years he then went to the UK to do higher studies.  In the UK he was very successful in completing his FRCP studies and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP).  Although he could not return to Sri Lanka for many reasons, Dr Sam always had and still has a big space in his heart for his homeland.

After retirement, even during the troubled times he returned to do some voluntary work in Kilinochchi where he trained a number of local doctors.

Now there is stability in Sri Lanka, he would like to fulfil his lifelong ambition of giving the local children in the North of the country the opportunity to improve their lives by achieving better education by providing a safe environment in a purpose-built education centre.  As the story goes, he wants to give an opportunity to the children to put on their running shoes so that they may run faster than their competitors.

Indrany Jegarajah

Indrany Jegarajah was born in 1948 and she had and still has a veracious appetite for learning.  She has a natural ability to study and master languages and mathematics.  Although she was good at her studies, her family did not believe in educating a girl and therefore she was asked to stay at home but continued to learn secretarial skills which later came in very useful.  After her marriage she went to the UK where she supported her husband every step of the way.  Her burning ambition to study fuelled her desire to help children in Paranthan.  As a language lover, she has a natural ability to teach language and inspire children to appreciate language as well as other subjects.  She is a born fighter and survivor and it is her enthusiasm and determination which is making this centre a success story.



Sri Jegarajah - Senior Correspondent CNBC

Sri Jegarajah is a CNBC Senior Correspondent based in Singapore. An experienced business and financial markets correspondent who has specialized in commodities since 1997. Sri follows global energy developments closely.

Covering financial markets for more than 15 years, Sri has reported on major global events including the 2008 financial crisis, the Indian Ocean tsunami and the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami disaster from Tokyo. He twice received the Bronze Medal in 2009 and 2013 for Best News Correspondent by the New York Festivals International TV & Films Awards.

Prior to joining CNBC in 2005, Sri was an energy reporter for Dow Jones Newswires and Bloomberg News in Singapore.



Dr Stephen Pathmarajah

Stephen was born in Sri Lanka and as a child did not do well at his studies.  After failing his O/L for the second time, only through the commitment of his parents and the facilities they provided for him to study in a private education centre, he completed his O/Ls and managed to get the correct grades to do his A/Ls.  Even then he had to re-sit English and Tami to do A/Ls.  This makes him fully appreciate the facility these types of centres are providing.  After finishing his A/Ls he was offered a place at the University of Sri Lanka to do maths.  He decided to do Engineering in the UK where he gained 1st Class Hons Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and he continued to study while working and gained a MSc in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, a PhD in Engineering and MSc in Electrical Engineering.  After working as an engineer in different industries including the UK nuclear industry, he is now retired and committed to helping this project to give the children in Paranthan an opportunity to improve their lives as well as their families.



Mrs Christine Pathmarajah

Christine was born in the UK in a place called Redhill which is south of London.  She was educated in a fee paying boarding school.  She is a trained primary school teacher and she taught in schools in London, Halifax and then finally in Warrington.  She visited Dr Sam’s Education Centre and took some classes and understands the problems of children who are learning a second language.  As a trained primary school teacher, she enjoyed taking classes for the younger children.

She has a very calm and understanding nature which she hopes to bring to the centre and encourage children not only to improve their academic performance but social and ethical standards as well.

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