The Trainers

Two young men David and John went on a safari holiday.  They had a very good time and kept walking, taking pictures and putting them on their Facebook page.

When they came across a lion they kept taking pictures and kept going towards the lion.  As they got closer, they noticed the lion had started to look at them licking its lips.

The men, David and John thought it was a friendly lion so kept taking pictures and kept creeping up to it.  Then they noticed the lion showing more interest on them the sort of interest you do not want a lion to show towards you.

Now the men were panicking.  So John, took off his heavy walking shoes, took his back pack off and put his running shoes on.

David asked John, “Do you think you can run faster than the lion with the running shoes?”

John said, “No, not at all but I am sure I can run faster than you.  That is all that matters to me now”. 

The moral of the story is, John was trying to get a competitive advantage!!

This is what we hope our children will achieve.

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