General Education

Our Moto is “Only educated are free”. Another definition of education is, “Education is a change of behavior”. What we are trying is to achieve is a change of behavior in every aspect of the lives of the children who come to our Centre.

We have made policies based on our passionate belief which are:

  • No corporal punishment.
  • Both girls and boys will be treated equally and with equal rights in every aspect.
  • All children shall be treated with respect concerning their private space.
  • Treat all children with respect to gain their respect.
  • We expect commitment from all our children in return to the privileges of no corporal punishments and free education they receive.

Initially, some teachers felt that without corporal punishment the children could not be controlled or educated. We have preserved with the no corporal punishment policy which is now proving be very effective.

We did have some problems at first, trying to convince the children that with freedom goes responsibility which they now have to respect. As a result, the children have improved their behavior and it is now a pleasure to teach them.

Earlier, we were approached by another Education Centre inviting us to take it over and operate it. When we spoke to them it became clear that they believed in corporal punishment and if we did not agree to accept corporal punishment, they felt uncomfortable in asking us to take over and operate it. We had no problem in refusing to deal with any organization which believes in the barbaric behavior of corporal punishment and consequently refused to get involved with them.