Finding quality teachers is always a problem because good teachers will have been working for other organizations or running their own tutorizes. This does not mean our teachers are in inferior in any way. They are all experienced teachers and as the management, we are monitoring them and providing the necessary support, particularly with additional teaching materials and support with discipline.

In this anniversary report we would like to give an honest and detailed report of our staff and staff performance.

Availability of Teachers.

There is a shortfall of good staff in all subjects and in particular in the key subjects English, Science, Maths and IT. This does not mean we are tolerating second class teachers. We have had several teachers but if we found that their performance did not match our expectations we had no alternatives but to replace them.

To support our teachers, we have plans to bring in experts from other countries and from universities to give them special training. Our goal is to ensure our that our Centre becomes the best in Kilinochchi district, and later, best in the northern province. Then finally, the best in the country.

We do appreciate that we cannot achieve this without hard work and commitment from both the staff and management. We have embarked on a program to launch online training courses for our teachers and to any other teachers who would like to get other qualifications. Details of these courses are available on our website.

Trained teachers.

When we talk about trained teachers we are not only talking about the nationally trained teachers, but we are talking about those trained to teach at our centre. We are planning to deliver two types of training. The first is to teach the children and control the class without corporal punishment, to achieve the best performance. Secondly we are planning to give the teachers subject based training by organizing university lectures to deliver bespoke training them.

No corporal punishment.

Not all teachers agreed to cooperate with us on the no corporal punishment policy and those who were unable to had to leave the centre. We gave our full support to those who found it difficult to control unruly children. There will always be unruly children and we have to manage them. We now have an effective administration who is witty and smart enough to outwit the children and change their behavior to meet our expectations.

This has finally paid dividends as the classes are very orderly and it is a pleasure to teach them now. If we as teachers are going to teach well and keep their attention, then we have to prepare for the lessons and be fully prepared. Our expectations is that the children should go home trembling. Not trembling with the fear or of having received a beating but trembling with the excitement of having learned something new. To achieve this, we must have lesson plans.